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Plastic Surgery For My Dog? You've Got To Be Kidding!

By orangevilla1514320, Mar 12 2020 09:09PM

Actually I'm not kidding. There are certain situations where a nip here or a tuck there will greatly improve the quality of your dog's life. Lets start with the flat faced dog breeds. As the muzzle shortens the roof of the mouth gets pushed back impairing their ability to breath. You may find the snoring endearing but it can lead to serious respiratory problems. Trimming the soft palate (the fleshy flap in the back of the mouth) will open their windpipe and improve their ability to breath. Next take a lokk at your dogs eyes. Do they have a lot of loose skin around their eyes? Do their eyes water and look irritated? There is a condition called entropion where the eyelids curl in allowing the eye lashes to continually rub against the eye. This can lead to scaring of the corneas and pain. Surgery can easily correct this. For more information on thi sand other procedures that can benefit your dog give our office a call.

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