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By orangevilla1514320, Dec 17 2014 03:00PM

Here are our tips for keeping your outdoor traveling cat safe and healthy:

Cats tend to wander and often get picked up by good intentioned people. Without identification you and your cat have little chance of being re-united and collars with tags get lost or can pose a strangulation risk for cats. We recommend a microchip tha tis injected between the shoulder blades as your cat's best form of I. D..

Cats are actually more prown to bring fleas into your house than dogs. Cats like to hang out under the bushes and in the tall grass. So do fleas. THey are also mor elikely to develop tapeworms which are picked up by eating wild creatures and swallowing fleas when grooming. Make sure your cat is protected.

Feline Leukemia is a fatal viral disease spread through the urine and saliva. There is no cure so be sure your cat is vaccinated.

Cats are teritorial by nature outdoor going cats are more prone to fighting and related injuries.

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