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Stress Triggers For Cats

By orangevilla1514320, Jan 15 2015 03:33PM

1. You punush your cat. Swatting and hitting ONLY teaches it to fear your approach and yelling no only

interupts the behavior. Instead show them what you want and reward them for doing it.

2. You grab thaeir head to tousle their hair. Nobody like to have their head grabbed and rubbed - cats are

no different. Most cats prefer a few long strokes from head to tail; others a small amount of

scratching around the chin or ears. Many cats get irritated by an extended period of stroking.

3. You restrain your cat. Cats like to be able to move and escape situations.

4. A dirty litterbox. Nobody likes to use a dirty toilet. Scoop regularly and empty week or so. Regular

scooping also allows you to identify urinary of bowel problems.

5. Your cat's litterbox is in an inconvenient location. Make it easy for the cat, not you. A cat that has to

navigate humans, other pet, stairs, or loud appliances might feel like the journey is a suicide

mission everytime it needs to eliminate and many will find a better place to go.

6. You use strong smelling cleansers, deoderizers, and products containing alcohol. Cats' noses are

sensitive and these scents can be offensive to them.

7. You add new cats to your home without an introductory period. When an unrelated cats appears and

tries to join a related group, it's in the cats' nature to attack and force the outsider to leave. Without

a prpoer period of controlled, gradual introduction, the chance of aggression and stress increases.

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