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Stress Triggers For Dogs

By orangevilla1514320, Jan 15 2015 03:11PM

Are you contributing to your dog's anxiety and behavior issues? Is it possible you do any of the following:

1. You punish your dog for situations you unintentionally arranged. Like leaving your belongings or the

trash within their reach. Dogs are creatures of opportunity, so avoid opportunities for them to get

into trouble. On the subject of punishment if you hit your dog all you are doing is teaching them

to be afraid of you. Instead show them what you want them to do and praise their effort to do so.

2. You keep telling your dog no. When you say "np" and your dog stops the behavior only to repeat it later

the no was just an "interrupter. Skeptical? Try saying "pickel" instead of "no" and the same thing

will happen. Instead show your dog what is expected of him.

3. You assume your dog knows english. Animals communicate through body language and are very

good at figuring it out. Unless you have specifically taught your dog s behavior associated with

words your dog has no idea what you expect.

4. You say to your dog, "It's OK." While this may comfort some pets, generally, owner only say this when

something bad is happening. It becomes a cue for the dog to become afraid or vigilant.

5. You stare at your dog. Direct prolonged eye contact with dogs is generally confrontational.

6. You point or shake your finger at your dog. Yypically when you do this you are also leaning over your

dog - this too makes your dog uncomfortable. The guilty look isn't because it's actually guilty, but

rather it's uncomfotable with the current interaction.

7. You don't let sleeping dogs lie. DOgs don't like to be bothered while sleeping anymore than we do.

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