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When To Say Goodbye - A Quality Of Life Issue

By orangevilla1514320, Dec 17 2014 03:07PM

When Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

Even after 32 years in practice it isn't any easier to answer people when they ask me how will I know when it's time to put my pet to sleep. I have always directed the way I practice medicine to quality of life not quantity of life.

I try to base my decision on the following guidelines:

Hurt - can the pain be controlled?

Hunger - is the pet eating enough to maintain weight?

Hydration - is the pet drinking enough to maintain normal bodily functions?

Hygeine - does the pet (especially cats) care or able to keep itself clean?

Happiness - does the pet express joy and interest in life going on around it or is it depressed

lonely, anxious, bored or afraid?

Mobility - can the pet get up without assistance and is it able to carry out normal daily activities?

More Good Days Than Bad - when bad days outnumber good days quality of life might be too


Acting as your pet's advocate and looking at what is best for them, I am glad that veterinarians have the option to stop the suffering of our patients.

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