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By orangevilla1514320, Dec 17 2014 03:07PM

When Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

Even after 32 years in practice it isn't any easier to answer people when they ask me how will I know when it's time to put my pet to sleep. I have always directed the way I practice medicine to quality of life not quantity of life.

I try to base my decision on the following guidelines:

Hurt - can the pain be controlled?

Hunger - is the pet eating enough to maintain weight?

Hydration - is the pet drinking enough to maintain normal bodily functions?

Hygeine - does the pet (especially cats) care or able to keep itself clean?

Happiness - does the pet express joy and interest in life going on around it or is it depressed

lonely, anxious, bored or afraid?

Mobility - can the pet get up without assistance and is it able to carry out normal daily activities?

More Good Days Than Bad - when bad days outnumber good days quality of life might be too


Acting as your pet's advocate and looking at what is best for them, I am glad that veterinarians have the option to stop the suffering of our patients.

By orangevilla1514320, Dec 17 2014 03:00PM

Here are our tips for keeping your outdoor traveling cat safe and healthy:

Cats tend to wander and often get picked up by good intentioned people. Without identification you and your cat have little chance of being re-united and collars with tags get lost or can pose a strangulation risk for cats. We recommend a microchip tha tis injected between the shoulder blades as your cat's best form of I. D..

Cats are actually more prown to bring fleas into your house than dogs. Cats like to hang out under the bushes and in the tall grass. So do fleas. THey are also mor elikely to develop tapeworms which are picked up by eating wild creatures and swallowing fleas when grooming. Make sure your cat is protected.

Feline Leukemia is a fatal viral disease spread through the urine and saliva. There is no cure so be sure your cat is vaccinated.

Cats are teritorial by nature outdoor going cats are more prone to fighting and related injuries.

By orangevilla1514320, Dec 17 2014 02:54PM

You hear the unmistakable sound of claws on couch. No matter what you do you can't seem to find a way to alter the behavior. Why is it so difficult to understand your cat? According to Veterinarian Tony Buffington, as far as the cat is concerned you are just a huge, unpredictable ape. Your cat isn't ignoring your attempts to stop the destruction he just doesn't know how to connect your negative reinforcement with his behavior. This is because, unlike dogs that work as a team, cats evolved as solitary hunters with little need for reading social cues, especially those for behavior modification. "How the hell is your cat supposed to know that you're yelling at him because you want him to stop something?" Buffington says. Without the cognitive ability to connect your outburst with the behavior, cats see only chaotic aggression. Instead of discouraging the act, you become an object of fear. What's more your cat becomes frustrated and stressed. This can lead to a variety of medical problems. The way to train your cat is through their environment. Make the undesired behavior less appealing on it's own (like putting double sided tape on the arm of the couch or on the counter top) and the desired one more so (a nice scratching post scented with catnip). Then let the cat figure it out by itself.

By orangevilla1514320, Dec 17 2014 02:52PM

Did you know that:

Cats are one of the few animals that hunt purely for the fun of it as most "kills" are never eaten.

Cat's eyes are so large that they actually have trouble focusing. Their sight adapts to their way of life

with indoor cats tending to be more near-sighted, and outdoor cats more far-sighted.

Cats rely on protein as their main source of energy so they never developed a "sweet tooth" and

don't tast sugar.

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