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Proper dental care is paramount to your pet's good health

We have the necessary equipment and skilled staff that can ensure the best dental health care from routine cleanings to root canals

Complete dental care

Adding healthy years


Count on our experienced team for complete dental and oral health care. From routine teeth cleanings and x-rays to root canals and extractions, we've got you covered.

Bacteria from periodontal disease can weaken the immune system, cause heart, kidney, and liver damage, and contribute to other health-related issues.

Here at Orange Village Animal Hospital, your pet will receive proper oral health care that can add 3 to 4 years to their life!

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What is involved in cleaning my pet’s teeth?

Proper cleaning of the teeth requires complete cooperation of the patient so that plaque and tartar can be removed properly. We feel that anesthesia is required to thoroughly clean the teeth and examine all aspects of the mouth. Although anesthesia always carries a degree of risk, pre-procedure blood work and modern anesthetic protocols are used in our hospital minimize this risk, even for older pets.


Before the cleaning process is started, a full set of radiographs (x-rays) are done on your pet’s mouth. This allows us to thoroughly evaluate the health of the teeth and the bones around it, and determine if there is a need to be remove teeth, fill cavities, or perform root canals.

Four steps in the pet dental cleaning process

• Scaling removes the tartar above and below the gum line. This is done with hand instruments and ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

• Polishing will smooth the surface of the teeth, making them resistant to additional plaque formation.

• Flushing removes dislodged tartar from the teeth and helps to remove the bacteria that accompany tartar.

• Fluoride coating decreases teeth sensitivity, strengthens enamel, and decreases the rate of future plaque formation.

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