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An experienced staff and on-site diagnostics

We can determine the problem quickly and begin treatment with minimal delay

In-house diagnostics

Experienced care


Your pet will be diagnosed with minimal delay with our on-site

blood analysis, digital x-rays, ultrasound, and endoscopy.

Backed by our knowledgeable staff and Dr. Rogoff's more than 32 years of experience, your pet is assured quality care with an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Modern treatment of:

We work with you

Trusted care

• Cancers

• Digestive issues

• Dermatological issues

• Kidney problems

• Liver disease

• Arthritis

• Ear infections and more

When your pet gets sick, it deserves the best care and you deserve to have clear information about your options. At Orange Village Animal Hospital ,

we provide both with passion

and sincerity.

We truly want the best for your pet and it is something we believe we can do very well. Check out our testimonials page to see what our  clients have said about us.

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