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Regenerative power


If your pet is in pain, laser light therapy offered at our clinic can help. We use it to treat a variety of chronic and acute painful conditions.

The laser therapy we will provide your pet reduces swelling and pain as well as increasing blood flow to the injured area. It promotes a faster recovery for your loved one.

Canine applications

Feline applications

Quality of life

• Otitis (ear inflammation)

• Periodontal disease

• Degenerative discs

• Dermatological conditions

• Hip dysplasia

• Degenerative joints

• Arthritis and more

• Otitis (ear inflammation)

• Sinusitis

• Rhinitis

• Gingivitis

• Wound healing

• Cystitis

• Degenerative joints and more

Pain management is important for your pet's quality of life. With laser light therapy, your dog or cat will experience relief that may not be found with traditional methods.

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