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Caring for your pet is an ever-evolving process

Let us help you navigate the ups and downs for a long and healthy

relationship with your pet.  Call us at 440-248-0151.

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Customized care

Complete dental care


Since no 2 patients are alike, we tailor our life stage wellness plans for each dog and cat we see. We want you and your pet to enjoy a long and healthy relationship.

Dental health can affect your pet's overall health. If teeth are left uncared for, serious medical issues can arise. From routine cleanings to oral surgery, we offer complete dental care and over 32 years of experience treating mouths of all shapes and sizes.

Puppies and kittens

Adult pets ages 1 to 8

Senior pets ages 9 and older

• Maintaining disease protection through periodic vaccine boosters

• Watching for periodontal disease that will affect their entire bodies

• Continued protection against parasites - some of which can be passed to people

• Annual exams to catch developing problems in their earliest stages

• Your pet has reached a stage in life where the possibility of disease increases. Finding those emerging problems in their earliest stages affords us the best chance of treatment or cure.

• Annual blood and urine testing for all of our older patients is recommended.

• 2 exams a year recommended

• Pain management - keeping them comfortable through the aches and pains of getting older.

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Our wellness life stages and associated care:

• Development of a strong immune system and a vaccination program designed around the diseases your pet is most likely to come into contact with

• Monitoring their growth and physical development

• Protection from internal and external parasites - some of which can be passed to people

• Sterilization (spay or neuter)

• Basic obedience training and house-breaking

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