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We never approach any surgery as routine

Your pet's safety and comfort is always our priority!

Precise Laser Surgery


If your pet needs surgery, we offer a state-of-the-art method. Our laser surgery is proven to shorten recovery times through less bleeding, less post-surgical pain, and a more precise procedure.

There is no substitute for experience.  


Dr. Rogoff offers you more than 32 years of know-how and a clinic that has been helping pets since 1988.

Orthopedic surgical options include:

Soft tissue surgical options include:

Pre and post-op care

• Broken bone repair

• Joint repair

• Cruciate ligament repair

• Cancer surgery

• Spaying and neutering

• Tumor removal

• Abdominal procedures

• Exams

• Blood screens

• Pain management

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Complete surgical services for your pet

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Laser Assisted Knee Surgery

Bone Fracture Repair

Bladder Stone Surgery

We Offer Advanced Orthopedic And Soft Tissue Surgical Services